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What’s playing: Week of April 1

Still from Kill The Irishman, based on the true story of Danny Greene and mobbed-up Cleveland of the 1970s.

This week brings as many indie movie options as the last, and some good stuff, too: David Schwimmer maturing as a filmmaker, a very respectable, not-at-all Twilight-influenced new adaptation of a much-covered novel and a Cleveland-based crime film among them, not to mention two separate film festival presentations in limited engagements, and the final weekend of the Cleveland International Film Festival if you’re up for a road trip. Better get to working out a schedule.

Starts Friday, April 1

Limited engagements

Big bucket o’ links

Image: Untitled work by Irish-born New Englander Karl Mullen

Man, I’ve got a bunch of local art coverage for Alive & the Dispatch under my belt that I haven’t yet linked to here. Since some of the shows listed below are no longer open, in those cases, I’ve included a link to where you can see more of participating artists’ work online (plus Lindsay Gallery usually has at least a few Karl Mullen pieces on hand in the back room). 

What’s playing: Week of May 13

Still from The Big Uneasy, Harry Shearer’s film about the avoidable aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

It’s a very full week, with full runs of an Aardman animation program and Will Ferrell’s latest stab at indie credibility, plus a visit from a former Columbus resident with his hot new documentary about high school poetry teams in Chicago. But the big attraction is Mr. Harry Shearer, coming to town Saturday for a new doc of his own, made in collaboration with John Goodman. Ehhhxcellent.

Starts Friday, May 13

Also, Cave of Forgotten Dreams must’ve done well at the Gateway last week - it’s expanded to AMC Easton. And Grandview Theatre is bringing former Midnight titles Made in China and A New Protocol back for earlier shows.

Limited engagements

    PRISM Index goes the Kickstarter route for issue 2

    What’s playing: Week of May 20

    A man and his puppet: Still from Jodie Foster’s The Beaver

    It’s gonna be a hell of a week in Columbus, indie-wise. Now’s your time to finally check out Mel Gibson’s beaver and Morgan Spurlock’s intentionally blatant product placement, and get a look at Happythankyoumoreplease and filmmaker Josh Radnor at the Drexel without paying a mint for the privilege. Also at the Drexel, the annual scifi marathon includes some hot premieres - Troll Hunter, The People vs. George Lucas, the Bollywood robot move Endhiran - plus a tribute to Buckaroo Banzai director W.D. Richter.

    Starts Friday, May 20

    Also, the Drexel is picking up Hanna.

    Limited engagements

    Also, the Drexel is offering a screening of Gasland May 24. Columbus Film Council has hosted, like, four screenings of this already, but it’s a good one, and fracking is most definitely a growing concern in Ohio.

    What’s playing: Week of May 27

    Still from Skateland, a new coming-of-age story circa 1983.

    Having seen The Hangover Part II, I can assure you that you’re better off spending your time on one of this week’s other new films - or just watch the original Hangover again, as for all intents and purposes it’s the same movie. Among your options, there’s the awesomely awful Hobo With a Shotgun, the austere Western Meek’s Cutoff, plus world animation, angsty youth drama and documentaries about Cleveland gangsters, a blockbuster filmmaker’s life epiphany and the making of a groundbreaking work of gay cinema.

    Starts Friday, May 27

    Limited Engagements

    What’s playing: Week of June 3

    Photo of the legendary South Drive-In by Rainer Ziehm

    It’s kind of a strange week for What’s Playing. On the one hand, there are four new alternative viewing options opening for a full run. On the other, three of them weren’t previewed for critics and the one that was, Last Night, just isn’t that exciting. Unless you have a serious thing for New York real estate or the sight of Eva Mendes in a soaking wet slip. So I’m kicking things off this week with a different kind of alternative viewing - a night at the drive-in.

    South Drive-In, the only drive-in still open for business in Columbus, is in its second week of full operation for the season (the photo above suggests different, I know, but I just dig this pic - we have a print of it hanging in the living room). Eight bucks gets one adult admission to two new movies and some priceless ambiance. This week’s offerings include a double bill of the new Pirates of the Caribbean entry and X-Men: First Class - a very indie studio flick given the presence of Guy Ritchie producer-turned-director Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, Kick Ass) and stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

    Starts Friday, June 3

    Limited engagements

    What’s playing: Week of June 10

    Still: Debbie Harry in Celine Danhier’s Blank City, a documentary about the “No Wave” film scene of late ’70s Lower Manhattan.

    It’s a quality-over-quantity week in local indie releases. Just three full runs starting and three new limited engagements, but within these are the latest long-awaited Terrence Malick feature; the first Woody Allen comedy since Vicky Cristina Barcelona to get solidly good reviews; the by-all-accounts endearing doc about NY Times photographer Bill Cunningham; a collection of UK films breaking out of the fest circuit, and the really fun and fascinating doc Blank City, showing with short features by Amos Poe and Jim Jarmusch.

    Starts Friday, June 10

    Limited Engagments

    Also, if you missed the earlier screening of the fashion documentary Dressed, the Columbus Foundation is hosting another one on Thursday, June 16. Details & RSVP link here.

    What’s playing: Week of June 17

    Still from L’Amour Fou, an intimate look at the life, work and art collection of designer Yves St. Laurent through the perspective of his life and work partner, Pierre Bergé.

    While there may not be a whole heck of a lot going on in new indie films this week, it’s a big weekend in Columbus nonetheless thanks to the 200,000 or so fabulous folks that’ll be celebrating the Pride Holiday in our neighborhood. As such, a significant part of the audience for the Yves St. Laurent doc that’s opening today will probably be too busy marching, drinking and dancing in the streets to head to the theater for its opening weekend. So hopefully it’ll stick around for a bit. Otherwise, we’ve got Oscar-nominated multicultural intrigue, the second coming-of-age film with Freddie Highmore in as many weeks, a tense story of social engineering as high school class assignment, and a critically praised view of the trail of matter from animal to mineral.

    Starts Friday, June 17

    Limited Engagements

    Also, the Gateway continues the From Britain With Love series June 20 with Third Star.

    Art links aplenty

    Image: "Fuck" tree photograph by David Ike, showing this weekend as part of “All the Pretty Trees” at the Clintonville space It Looks Like It’s Open. 

    For your enjoyment and edification, more recent writings on the local art scene.